How do I add sections to Products?

New as of Motion v3.0, we've made the following sections available for use on a new Product template, product.sections:

How do I use Product sections?

  1. Create a new Product, add a title, and switch the Template setting on the right to product.sections (see below if it's not appearing)
  2. Add your product to a collection or to your navigation in order to make it possible to browse to it from within the Theme Editor
  3. Open the Theme Editor, browse to your product and click on the Product.sections page section from the sidebar
  4. Start editing! Either use the sections we've provided or start removing and replacing them with sections of your choice

Note: due to the way in which Shopify designed the section feature, the sections you add will be seen on every Product that uses the product.sections template. 

Why don't I see product.sections?

This happens if Motion is not your current theme. Either publish the theme first or else follow the steps below to create a product.sections template on your current theme:

  1. Open the code editor for your current theme, find the Templates folder and click Add new template
  2. Choose product in the first dropdown and call it sections
  3. Return to your product and you will now see product.sections in the Template dropdown.
You can now continue through our instructions above to add sections without affecting your current theme.

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