Motion support: How do I create a mega-menu

This feature is available in Motion v7.2.0 and above. Need to upgrade? Here's our guide.

Motion now includes a multi-column "mega-menu" dropdrown for your navigation that also includes two promotional options. To set up a mega-mega menu dropdown for any of your top-level menu items, open the Theme Editor and navigate to Header and menus


How does it work?

In each Mega menu block, add the name of a top-level menu item you want to include a multi-column dropdown for. You can also include two promotional links with text and images in each block.

Note: promotional images with a width of 500px will work best.

How does it look?

Why doesn't the mega-menu work if I use a second or third level menu item?

The block requires a top-level menu item in order for the multi-column dropdowns to work.