Motion Support: How do I set up color swatches in v7.2.0 and older?

This documentation is for older versions of Motion and no longer relevant to most merchants. Only continue reading if you're on a version before 8.0.0

In Motion you can add color swatches to your product and collection pages using these settings found in Theme settings > Product grid

How does it work?

Once you have enabled the color swatch settings, Motion will look for any variant category with the name "Color" or "Colour".

To change the word to something other than "Color/Colour" you can do so in your languages area under Products > General > Color swatch trigger (as of v5.0.5).

Note: If you're using a theme trial in your online store, Shopify restricts access to your language settings until a theme purchase has been made. For testing, we recommend using the default 'Color' variant name.

The theme will then look at the variant names you've used (in this case Heather grey and Green) and look for either an HTML color name with the exact same name or a .png image file in your theme assets folder with a filename-friendly version of your variant name.

Naming your swatch files:

  • Green swatches need to be named green.png (capitals become lowercase)
  • Heather grey swatches need to be named heather-grey.png (capitals become lowercase, spaces and other special characters become hyphens)


Note: .jpg files will not be shown, you must use .png


How does it look?


Where is the Theme Assets folder?

First, open up the code editor:

Then scroll down to Assets, open it, and click Add new asset and begin uploading your .png swatch files.