How do I upgrade the Streamline theme?

Note: While access to new theme versions is free to our customers, because Shopify was not designed for upgradeable themes, support for manually upgrading your theme will be limited to this guide. You will need to reapply any code customizations (including manual app installations) after upgrading.

New in v3.0: We now support Shopify's product media feature. Any product videos added with the old ALT technique will need to be added again as product media. View all release notes

New in v2.0: Shopify has required that we remove the Instagram integration for the Social Proof section. This will be a manual image upload from now on. View all release notes

  1. If you purchased from the Theme Store, download the latest version and it will be installed as an unpublished theme. If you purchased directly from us, contact us and we'll send you the latest version. 

  2. To copy all your sections and settings over from your old theme, open the code editor for your old theme (Actions > Edit code), find the Config folder from the sidebar and copy everything from settings_data.json

  3. Now open the code editor for the new version of the theme and paste everything into the same file, Config/settings_data.json, and press Save.

  4. If you've installed any apps or made any other code customizations, you'll now want to make those code changes to the new theme as well.
  5. When you're ready to go live, Publish the theme