Can I add custom labels to my products using tags?

All our themes support adding custom labels to your "product tiles", like you'd see on your collection pages or recommended product areas.

How do I add custom labels using tags?

This documentation is for older versions of our themes and is no longer relevant to most merchants. Only continue reading if you're on a version before Expanse 2.0, Impulse 5.0, Motion 8.0 or Streamline 4.0 that was released before Online Store 2.0 was available.

For details on template creation in the latest versions of our themes, view the documentation here.

To add a custom label, you'll need to add what we call a "utility tag" to your product. Anytime you add a label that starts with _label_, we'll show it as a label on your product tile.

For example: _label_New or _label_Coming soon would add New or Coming soon labels to your product tiles: