How can I remove PayPal Express from my checkout?

Note: Shopify does not provide the ability to disable the PayPal Express button from your checkout pages. While the workaround below does make this possible (for now), support for this customization will be limited to this guide and is not something we can assist with via email.

When you enable the PayPal Express option in your payment settings this payment option will automatically appear on your checkout page. While for most this is desirable, we have found that some merchants would like the ability to remove this button at checkout.

As of right now, there is a workaround that makes this possible due to the fact that Shopify will either show your express checkout options on your Checkout or your Cart, but not on both. 

This means that if the "Enable additional checkout buttons" setting is enabled for your cart page, the PayPal Express (and other) buttons won't appear on your checkout page. You can find this setting under Theme Settings > Cart.

Note: this workaround only works when using the Page cart type.

Once the additional checkout buttons are enabled we can apply a CSS snippet to hide those buttons on the cart page, effectively removing the express buttons from all parts of your checkout experience.

To do this, from the theme editor go to Actions > Edit code. In older theme versions, you'll be looking under the Assets folder for either theme.scss.liquid or theme.css.liquid.

At the very bottom of the file, paste in the following CSS snippet.

.additional_checkout_buttons {
display: none;

Now save the file.

This will hide the additional checkout buttons on the cart page and the PayPal Express button should also no longer appear when you transition to Shopify's checkout.

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