How do I use the Promotion grid?

The Promotion grid section offers 6 unique options to implement your media, text and links to products and collection in a flexible grid format. 

Gem's Promotion Grid Blocks

Width for Block

Within each block, you have the option of adjusting the width to show a single block at 100%, or up to 4 blocks, each at 25% width of the row.

 Gem's Promotion Grid Block Width

Color Schemes in Blocks

Color schemes offer a way to quickly include unique background textures and images in specific sections. It's a great way to break up the flow of a page or emphasize unique details in your content. This is an option within the BannerProduct and Sale Collection

You can choose from 4 scheme options within these three blocks.  

Gem's Promotion Grid Color Scheme 

For more details on how you can set up color schemes in your theme you can review our guide on How do I add custom textures to my color schemes?