Improving load time performance

If you're experiencing slower load times on your site, there are a few things to consider to improve performance.

Review and remove apps

It's always good to periodically look over your installed apps and remove any you don't absolutely need. Apps, even simple ones, often add a large amount of additional page weight and loading time due to the fact that they are most often initialized after the theme has loaded, causing a delay before their content appears and the page finishes loading.

Disabling apps in Shopify admin dashboard doesn't always completely remove the app. Please refer to the app's uninstall instructions or their support team. Our team cannot help debug app conflicts or remove them for you.

Consider your home page and video content

It's tempting to load a lot of content on your home page with the vast amount of sections we provide, but do so responsibly. The more sections you add, the larger the page is and slower the loading time is. We lazyload our images, dependant external APIs, and some other content, but that only takes us so far. Also, videos are much more data-heavy than images and will affect your site speed on slower connections. Limited content is the king when page speed is your top priority.

While we have rigorously tested our themes to perform well with page speed tools in a typical setup, due to the fact that your site content and your app choices drastically affect speed times we cannot guarantee your store will meet certain grades and are unable to further help improving speed scores beyond the advice above.

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