General Support

There are a number of sections in our themes that support videos and most of them autoplay when the page loads. There are a few restrictions to be aware of:

Doesn't autoplay on mobile

While autoplaying muted videos work on many mobile devices, if that device is in low power mode they won't autoplay at all. This is most often caused by the iOS battery saver mode or based on a slow connection. Sometimes the cause isn't known but the phone decides it can't autoplay videos anyway. This isn't something we're able to bypass, but instead our code checks for that state and shows the video's play button so users can still interact and watch the video if they'd like.

Where's the sound?

While the majority of browsers support autoplaying video, since about 2018 most of them have disabled starting videos if they have sound. Therefore we do not have an option to include autoplaying videos with sound and do not suggest attempting it yourself.

Video takes over the whole page on my phone

Some devices don't allow videos to play inline and behind other elements. Instead, once you click to play them, they enter full screen mode. This was the case for many older iOS devices but they have since moved away from that functionality. If you are still experiencing this, it's not something our theme can work around as it is functionality defined by the phone itself.

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We are happy you have chosen Archetype Themes as your theme provider. We are available to answer your questions and help you configure your theme to match your personal style or brand.

Support is provided via email by contacting We typically respond to support requests within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, though sometimes this can be much sooner depending on the support volume. Our support is only available in English at this time.

After submitting a support request, you should receive a reply back from us requesting your theme name and url. If you do not see this email within 15 minutes, please check your spam folders or search for to confirm your request was received. If you do not receive this email, there’s a chance we have not received your request.

We always do our best to answer each support request in the order it was received. If your issue is uncommon or more complicated than usual, we may require an extra day or two to resolve the issue or provide an alternative suggestion.

Archetype Themes provides support for its own products only.

We require a valid theme license to receive technical support. Our support is limited to the end user of the theme.

The scope of our support includes:

  • Helping you understand the theme features and configuring its settings
  • Questions regarding theme functionality and general technical abilities

Our products are provided as is. We do not provide support with product customization, alteration or feature addition, nor do we guarantee that our products will be compatible with third party software or services other than Shopify.

Not included in support:

  • Conflicts caused by apps or other 3rd party products
  • Theme upgrades
  • SEO issues or optimizations
  • Design additions or tweaks
  • Setup or troubleshooting for Google, Facebook or other third party tracking apps
  • Support for any other third party products or services
  • Support via phone, live chat, or any messenger service

We do not provide support for our own products when obtained through unauthorized parties. Official theme licenses can be purchased only from the Shopify Theme Store, or our product pages for Impulse or Motion.

Support for older versions of our themes is limited. We may require you upgrade to the latest version to address a bug or a feature request when necessary.

We reserve the right to limit support for customers with excessive inquiries, especially customization requests or questions that are documented elsewhere.

Theme Bugs and Issues

We are committed to addressing any valid theme issues and bugs right away and will release these updates via normal theme release procedure allowed by Shopify. Should your issue or bug arise from customization or change to the original theme files, we will first ask you to revert these files or install a fresh copy of the theme.

Archetype Rights

Abuse of any kind (including threats of abuse or retribution, including cursing) of any Archetype employee will result in us no longer providing support for your shop. Let's all be kind.

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This feature is deprecated in favor of Shopify's native Multi-Currency and Multi-Language features.

The versions below and newer will not work with this guide.

Motion v4.7
Impulse v2.7
Streamline v2.0

Our themes have a built-in currency converter that will allow your customers to see what products will cost in their local currency. In order to set this feature up, you will need to make some changes to your currency formatting.

You'll need to adjust your currency format in the Shopify admin area, specifically under Settings > General > Store currency (at the very bottom).

Click on Change formatting on the right side.

Then change the format of the first two fields to the following:

<span class=money>${{amount}} USD</span>.

Change the currency as you see fit, it's the span tags that are really important.

Shopify has an official guide for doing this that you can find here if you need a more thorough walkthrough -


Note: if you have switched your price formatting to omit decimal places by using {{ amount_no_decimals }}, you will need to switch back to {{ amount }} for the currency conversion to perform accurately.
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If you're experiencing slower load times on your site, there are a few things to consider to improve performance.

Review and remove apps

It's always good to periodically look over your installed apps and remove any you don't absolutely need. Apps, even simple ones, often add a large amount of additional page weight and loading time due to the fact that they are most often initialized after the theme has loaded, causing a delay before their content appears and the page finishes loading.

Disabling apps in Shopify admin dashboard doesn't always completely remove the app. Please refer to the app's uninstall instructions or their support team. Our team cannot help debug app conflicts or remove them for you.

Disable 'Quick shop' feature

Our quick shop feature pre-loads some of your product information so it's instantly available on the collection page or in a featured collection section. If you have an exceptionally large number of products per page, or an exceptionally large number  of variants per product, this feature can start to slow down the initial rendering of your page.

You can disable this feature under the "Product grid" area of your theme settings.

Consider your home page and video content

It's tempting to load a lot of content on your home page with the vast amount of sections we provide, but do so responsibly. The more sections you add, the larger the page is and slower the loading time is. We lazyload our images, dependant external APIs, and some other content, but that only takes us so far. Also, videos are much more data-heavy than images and will affect your site speed on slower connections. Limited content is the king when page speed is your top priority.

While we have rigorously tested our themes to perform well with page speed tools in a typical setup, due to the fact that your site content and your app choices drastically affect speed times we cannot guarantee your store will meet certain grades and are unable to further help improving speed scores beyond the advice above.

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