Impulse Release Notes

v2.3.0 - Oct 8, 2019

  • Enable ability to show product unit price (France/Germany)
  • Fix variant availability feature when in presence of custom fields
  • Add MXN, THB, SAR, AED country flags to currency converter
  • Adjust dynamic checkout button layout in cart drawer
  • General typography and design improvements
  • Sticky collection filters on mobile
  • Improve collection filtering speed
  • Add featured article hero image option on blog articles
  • Option to remove mega menu images
  • Add trust badge setting

v2.2.0 - Sept 9, 2019

  • Enable new native Shopify multi-currency feature
  • Setting to disable collection count
  • Update initial zoom of product images

v2.1.3 - Aug 22, 2019

  • Fix overlaid + sticky header on scroll with no collection image
  • Add inventory threshold setting

v2.1.2 - Aug 12, 2019

  • Add dynamic pay buttons to cart page and drawer
  • Updated hardcoded links to use routes
  • Prevent custom product tags from breaking all tag filtering option on collection page
  • Fix input group layout in Firefox because of flexbox bug
  • Promo blocks take on global colors. Fix text alignment and button layout in editor
  • Translate comments count string
  • Prevent overlaid header setting from impacting collection pages when collection image is disabled
  • Fix JSON+LD formatting if product title has quotes in it
  • Avoid race condition between Google Maps API and Google Payments

v2.1.1 - July 17, 2019

  • Fix inventory notice in recommended products quick view
  • Object-fit for MP4 videos for better iPad layouts
  • Prevent very long variant names from creating a dropdown too wide for layout
  • Fix product zoom bug when non-angled button style is used

v2.1.0 - June 27, 2019

  • Prevent newsletter from opening on Shopify robot challenge page
  • Add collapse setting for sidebar menu block
  • Add play icon to buttons that trigger YouTube video modal
  • New search parameters to choose from
  • Move 'back to collection' links below related products
  • Move 'Recently viewed products' below related products
  • Improved mobile zoom on product images
  • New page.faq template with expandable question blocks
  • Setting to place announcement bar above header

v2.0.1 - June 4, 2019

  • Prevent empty product recommendations from appearing
  • Fix bug released in v2 that hid some product variant labels

v2.0.0 - May 29, 2019

  • Implement new product recommendation engine
  • Fix expandable boxes in quick view not opening after collection filter is used
  • Allow users to scroll cart drawer to see full note field when Android keyboard is open

v1.6.0 - May 22, 2019

  • Fix minor password page overflow issue
  • New automatic discounts in cart and order page

v1.5.8 - May 9, 2019

  • Fix IE11 bug that prevented some product forms from not changing variant availability

v1.5.7 - May 8, 2019

  • Remove double quotes from JSON+ld description field
  • Add shop name to home page H1 tag even when logo set

v1.5.6 - May 1, 2019

  • Remove old IE support snippet reference

v1.5.5 - Apr 24, 2019

  • Fix variant dropdown width bug in Firefox

v1.5.4 - Apr 16, 2019

  • Remove jQuery dependence for cookie handling
  • Prevent zoomed product images from getting stuck while swiping on mobile
  • Remove underline style from image links in editor
  • Remove new lines from JSON+ld description
  • Remove scrollbar on Windows browsers when sidebar filters are set to drawer

v1.5.3 - Apr 9, 2019

  • Add link option to image row section
  • Fix sidebar layout when set as drawer

v1.5.2 - Apr 8, 2019

  • Hide review badge when 0 reviews on product page
  • Add color swatch support to sidebar filters
  • Add round color swatch option
  • Add sticky filters on collection page, only in supported browsers
  • Fix pagination on some mobile devices after filter used

v1.5.1 - Mar 27, 2019

  • Faster loading speeds for tag filter selection
  • Faster loading speeds for quick view product form
  • Do not show quantity below 0
  • Allow featured collection to be set as grid layout on mobile
  • Add blog template social meta tags for image preview
  • Fix dynamic variant availability check if quote is in variant name

v1.5.0 - Mar 20, 2019

  • Dynamically disable variant options when they do not exist

v1.4.2 - Mar 15, 2019

  • Order/address breadcrumbs visibility according to global setting
  • JSON-LD for structured product data (plus reviews)
  • Liquid variable to change product description layout in quick view
  • Fix testimonial block on pages if only author set
  • Add article excerpt setting for blog page
  • Add button and image link setting for "Text columns with images" page block

v1.4.1 - Feb 27, 2019

  • More obvious sold out state for color swatches
  • Prevent false disabled variant state
  • Prevent 'Default' from showing as only variant
  • Prevent iOS from zooming on inputs if base font size is set to small

v1.4.0 - Feb 15, 2019

  • Add setting to show % saved on product instead of dollar amount
  • Enable sections on template
  • Fix drawer button setting colors
  • Fix element ID bug with non-standard characters
  • Better RTL text support
  • Out of stock variants are selectable for app compatibility
  • Add padding to promo grid product when tint overlay enabled
  • Trigger mobile layout on portrait tablets
  • Speed up in-editor rendering with Shopify's liquid style tags
  • Reduce page shifting while Shopify's dynamic payment buttons load
  • Revised mobile cart page layout

v1.3.2 - Jan 29, 2019

  • Defer offscreen Instagram image loading
  • Add contact form section option to home page

v1.3.1 - Dec 5, 2018

  • Fix full-width review pagination layout
  • Enable dynamic checkout buttons by default
  • Prevent iOS from auto-formatting product IDs as phone number links

v1.3.0 - Nov 29, 2018

  • Fix hero link clickability in MS Edge when button style is inverted
  • Match menu dropdown text size to parent links
  • Fix PayPal cart button layering issue
  • Add hero text and button color setting
  • Fix loading state on angled buttons
  • Fix vertical variant image active thumbnail state
  • Fix browser rendering issue for secondary product grid images
  • Fix currency switcher values after tag filtering is used
  • Refresh Shopify review app after filtering tags
  • Only load product variant JSON to reduce page weight
  • Smarter loading of variant data in quick view modal
  • Move jQuery to cached vendor script file

v1.2.4 - Nov 5, 2018

  • Prevent shop logo from hiding behind meganav
  • Fix Apple Pay icon color on some shops

v1.2.3 - Oct 30, 2018

  • Add color name class to swatches for easy CSS hooks
  • Fix utility tag potentially showing up as custom label

v1.2.2 - Oct 25, 2018

  • Custom product grid labels from new utility tags
  • Fix potential nav dropdown overlap
  • Product quick view SEO improvements

v1.2.1 - Oct 17, 2018

  • Update collection meta tag to use featured image
  • Add padding to slider text if navigation dots exist to prevent overlap
  • Fix potential hero image background sizing
  • Calculate recently viewed products more accurately
  • Add copyright setting in footer
  • Reduce size of review stars on collection page

v1.2.0 — Oct 10, 2018

  • Enable hover to reveal second image on larger touch-friendly devices screens
  • Entire promo grid and slideshow blocks becomes link if only one is set
  • Higher quality images in slideshow, promo grid, large image with text box, collection header
  • Do not show inventory when over 10
  • Update review anchor link destination in quick view
  • Add limit search to products only setting
  • Fix mobile Instagram layout bug
  • Add menu block option to collection filters

v1.1.0 - Oct 2, 2018

  • Center images and add dots on mobile product page
  • New slideshow image layout for better quality images
  • Fix remove tag title in some rare instances
  • Add full width product review layout setting

v1.0.5 - Sept 28, 2018

  • No longer try and force capitalize product tags
  • Add custom HTML block to page/product sections template
  • Fix color swatch layout in related products
  • Enable color swatch hover effect on related products
  • Remove Chrome's MP4 player video download option

v1.0.4 - Sept 19, 2018

  • Mobile alignment adjustment on product page
  • Request more Instagram images than we need as backup for API limitations
  • Do not load jQuery from Google so it is not blocked in China

v1.0.3 - Sept 17, 2018

  • Fix drawer menu sublink layout if using # as the URL
  • Fix image zoom on first product image

v1.0.2 - Sept 11, 2018

  • Fix quick view product image visibility
  • Fix hidden product images on mobile

v1.0.1 - Sept 10, 2018

  • Minor bug fixes (angled button style in some sections, tall product image visibility, text alignment)
  • Added setting to move product images to left side of product page
  • Fix Vimeo product videos from not playing if only one product image

v1.0.0 - Aug 22, 2018

  • Theme launch