Streamline Release Notes

v1.3.0 - Oct 3

  • Add new image cropping settings
  • Prevent browser back button using cached page when items in cart
  • Prevent mobile nav bug if two separate second level links are identical
  • Accommodate new iOS13 safe area at bottom of screen
  • Enable ability to show product unit price (France/Germany)

v1.2.2 - Sept 20, 2019

  • Fix quick view buttons on iOS13
  • Minor design updates and performance improvements
  • Add og:image tags to some home page sections if general image not set
  • Prevent apps from breaking body tag when injecting code

v1.2.1 - Sept 17, 2019

  • Add MXN, THB, SAR, AED country flags to currency converter
  • Prevent empty cart discount section if product-level discounts are already visible
  • Adjust dynamic checkout button layout in cart drawer
  • Fix product form error if dynamic variants are enabled (introduced in v1.2.0)

v1.2.0 - Sept 16, 2019

  • Update initial zoom of product images
  • New cart drawer style option
  • Fix anchor links not always working on page load
  • Fix variant availability feature when in presence of custom fields
  • Fix rich text editor link underline styles

v1.1.0 - Sept 3, 2019

  • New logo/header alignment options
  • Enable new native Shopify multi-currency feature
  • Add desktop header sticky layout options
  • New password page design
  • Fade text shadow in with text on large images/videos
  • Updated product form loading animation in quick views
  • Fix dynamic variant availability when dropdown style used
  • Fix occasional quick view thumbnail loading issue

v1.0.3 - Aug 21, 2019

  • Hook variant dropdown up to variant images
  • Fix inverted button text color when image treatment setting changes
  • General design updates and minor layout/color tweaks

v1.0.2 - Aug 14, 2019

  • Prevent overlaid header setting from impacting collection pages when collection image is disabled
  • Prevent two home links appearing in mobile menu if it already exists in the menu (regardless of language)
  • Prevent JS error when opening same product quick view multiple times on mobile
  • Add inventory threshold setting

v1.0.1 - Aug 8, 2019

  • Fix JSON+LD formatting if product title has quotes in it
  • Trigger Google Analytics page view when quick view is opened
  • More specific preloading of Instagram section
  • Avoid race condition between Google Maps API and Google Payments

v1.0.0 - Aug 6, 2019

  • Theme launch