Four Theme Sections to Get Your Shopify Site Ready for BFCM

Four Theme Sections to Get Your Shopify Site Ready for BFCM

If you haven't already, it's time to get ready for Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM). While sales promotion is a must, maximizing revenue also requires refining your website's functionality and user experience. 

That's why Archetype Themes is expanding your design toolkit with four new sections, including Countdown Timer, Image Hotspot, Image Comparison Slider, and Age Verifier Popup, allowing you to create highly sophisticated websites within Shopify theme editor while reducing the number of plugins and custom code required to achieve the same advanced appearances.

So let’s get your Shopify store powered up with these 4 new sections for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. 

Countdown timer—drives customers’ actions in 3, 2, 1

Whether you’re setting up the grand opening of your shop, launching a new collection, or having a flash sale (hello BFCM!), build some of that sweet anticipation with our new Countdown Timer section!

A countdown timer is a clear visual cue which builds anticipation and communicates time scarcity, creating a sense of urgency and tells people that if they want a product, they must act fast! It’s a simple way to increase click-throughs, decrease basket abandonment, generate buzz about your latest offers, and increase your overall sales.

The new Countdown Timer section will meet all of your countdown needs, including:

  • Adding it to your store password page to countdown the grand opening of your store
  • Displaying end date of seasonal flash promo sales
  • Announcing the date of upcoming product or collection

Achieve professional results in the Shopify theme editor without code customizations like:

  • Switch between a screen-filling hero section or a compact banner that fits nicely between other sections.
  • Add a short but catchy call to action.
  • Styling: Set an eye-catching background colour or complementary image.
  • Rearrangeable blocks allow granular control of section content.

Along with showing the countdown timer, you can use time-related words like:

  • Buy Now
  • Hurry up!
  • Only today
  • Limited time
  • Time is running out!
  • Offer expires soon
  • Don’t miss the chance

The new Countdown Timer section will build anticipation, drive purchases, and bring the hype to anything you throw at it.


Image hotspot—increase engagement with interactive images

Enhance your online store shopping experience through visual storytelling and interactivity with the Image Hotspot section.

Hotspots make your images more interesting and encourage visitors to stay longer on your online store. They also enable visitors to access more content without having to navigate to a new page, which minimizes the bounce rate.

The Image Hotspot section can be used to produce two new unique experiences:

  • Shop the look: Tag multiple products and shop directly from lifestyle photography 
  • Product Details: Text blocks allow you to highlight key selling points of your most detail-oriented products.
Achieve professional results in the Shopify theme editor without code customizations like:
  • Text block to allow for more versatile use of sections, such as product details
  • Side-scrolling products and text cards on larger screens
  • Selectable hotspot icons depending on your use case
Our Image Hotspot section is fully responsive and will look great on any device. In a mobile-first world, this feature will put you ahead of your competitors thanks to:
  • Forced square image ratio works great on all mobile devices
  • Compact product blocks on mobile: the buyer can see content above the scroll

The Image Hotspot section provides your customers with two new shopping experiences that enhance your store’s interactivity and visual storytelling.

Image comparison—boost sales through convincing images

Add a layer of playful interaction and catch customers’ attention with the new Image Comparison section! 

This new section will allow your customers to slide between two photos in a single frame. Present your product or lifestyle photography in a fun new interactive experience like:

  • Visually display the amazing before and after results your products produce
  • Reveal a playful surprise behind a seemingly unsuspecting cover photo
  • Compare side-by-side products of different colours.

Achieve professional results in the Shopify theme editor without code customizations like:

  • Section height settings allow for a larger image on mobile
  • Slider styling options to match the look of the theme
  • New setting for heading: heading size and content alignment: (soon on all the heading blocks!)

The Image Comparison section will make your online store more interactive, professional, and engaging.

Age verification popup—easier age verification, better legal compliance.

Selling products for an adult audience? Stop those pesky kids in their tracks with our new Age Verification Popup section.

If your website contains age-sensitive content or contains products geared towards an adult audience, an age gate may be required by law. To put it simply, an age gate requires visitors to explicitly confirm that they are of a certain age before they can begin browsing the website.

The Age Verification Popup section works like any other age gate you may have encountered on the web – It conforms to laws by hiding your store’s content, no matter what page is first landed on until the user confirms they are of age.

Achieve professional results in the Shopify theme editor without code customizations like: 

  • The popup looks good with or without a background image thanks to the background colour setting or preset patterns.
  • When the background image is uploaded, the merchant has an option to achieve the look of censored content by blurring the image.

Get your shop opened faster and up to code without the need for 3rd party apps or customizations, thanks to the new Age Verification Popup section!

Update your theme to try one of these sections (or all of them!), now available on the latest version of all Archetype themes!