Meet Fetch, The Best Shopify Theme For Pet Stores

Fetch Pet Store Shopify Theme

Are you looking for the perfect Shopify theme for your pet store website design? Look no further than Fetch - Archetype's latest premium Shopify theme that offers modern and playful design tailored for pet stores and businesses selling accessories, kids' toys, and health & beauty products. This theme is packed with 35+ conversion-boosting features and enables users to craft a custom-made website in no time, without coding knowledge or 3rd party apps. 

Let's take a look at some of its features and how they can help you optimize your pet store website design. For a more detailed overview of our new features, watch our youtube tutorial.

Create the perfect pet store website design

Fetch simplifies the process of designing an online store, allowing you to build a one-of-a-kind storefront with minimal effort. 

Apart from choosing accent colors in the theme like background, text or accent buttons, there are  3 Color Schemes and background patterns that allow you to easily save custom color combinations for popping-out blocks and sections across your store. 

Thanks to the new section groups, you can quickly and easily add or remove sections from static areas of your layout, such as the footer. Furthermore, all of the theme's design elements, such as product cards, banner blocks, and promotional blocks, look great on any device.

Optimize images using new built-in tools

Fetch makes it easier than ever to create a unique look for your store. With Fetch, you can choose from 12 original image croppings, image sizes and ratios, and use Image Focal Points to keep the important parts of your images in sight, no matter what aspect ratio you're using.

Enjoy more features and performance

All these powerful features are offered out of the box — meaning that you don't need to pay for often costly third-party app subscriptions, instead you’re improving your store's performance and saving money. .

Fetch is the perfect pet store ecommerce theme but it is also suitable for anyone wanting to sell arts & crafts items, accessories, or health and beauty products.

With its playful design and features designed to increase conversion rates, Fetch is an excellent option for medium to large inventory stores. Additionally, it's optimized for mobile and SEO, and comes with lifetime updates and fast, helpful customer support. This ensures your store looks its best and remains up-to-date.

Try Fetch for yourself, start an unlimited free trial.