Spring 2022 Release

Spring 2022 Release

Welcome your customers into springtime shopping with our Spring 2022 theme releases. Discover our improved product pages, reimagined Popup section, as well as a new Text + Icons section with 20+ bundled icons, that work together to enhance your store’s purchasing experience.

Let’s dive in and take a look at the improvements that are now included in all latest versions of Archetype themes.

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Icons to draw attention to key selling points

Iconography to support your text, improve readability and enrich your customer’s buying experience? We got you covered.

Conversions can be influenced by the tiniest of details. Don’t let icons’ small stature throw you off—icon usage requires the same attention to detail and thoughtfulness as every other element in your design and can be a decisive factor in turning unique visitors into repeat customers.

With our new Text + Icons section, and our curated set of 20+ icons that are styled to match each of our themes, you can now easily highlight your key selling points and features in just a few clicks.

A customizable Size Chart where you need it most

Uncertainty about the size of the product often compels users to abandon their purchase, and improper fit is the primary reason for return when purchasing shoes and apparel.

 20% of online-bought products are returned, with consumer preference-based returns (e.g., size, fit, etc.) driving around 72% of all returns in fashion product categories?

When a user has a sufficient idea of what the size is, and how to take measurements, they can make better decisions. Informed purchase decisions help to reduce return rates, increase customer satisfaction and boost the end to end product sale.

That’s why we’re introducing a new Size Chart block—to eliminate all the confusion and bring confidence in the purchasing decision.

The new Size Chart block within the Main Product section allows you to easily include a size chart popup right next to the size selector. This makes it easily discoverable by customers and keeps them immersed in their buying experience. The popup content is also fully customizable, and you can even show different sizing charts depending on the type of product you sell.


Intuitive product option selection

One of the most crucial pages in your store is your product page, and making browsing product options easier for buyers is vital for boosting add-to-cart conversion.

Only 8% of product page traffic converts to a sale. Reducing customer effort on the product page, even if only by a few clicks, can have a significant effect on conversions.

No more guesswork with our enhanced product option selection. We’re making it more intuitive and convenient for your visitors to find products in all the variants they need, and quickly see variant’s availability in just a few clicks.

For example, suppose that you sell T-shirts with size, color, and length options. A customer must choose both a size and a color before knowing what length is then available. Some specific combinations of color, size, and length may be sold out. With our more streamlined approach to displaying product variant options availability, your customer can see all available size and color combinations more intuitively. If any combinations are sold out, they'll be clearly marked in the table.

If you’re interested in learning more about the complexities of building an effective product option selection experience and how we did it, take a look at our case study:

How we build themes with an intuitive product option selector experience

Grow your customer email list with an improved newsletter popup

How do you get your visitors’ attention without totally interrupting or annoying them? The answer: well-thought out popup!

When done right, they’re the much-needed push that encourages shoppers to take action.

Whether you use popup to promote discount codes to first-time visitors or encourage them to opt-in to your email list, popup allows you to connect with visitors in a meaningful way, create more leads, increase conversion and ultimately generate greater revenue.

A popup discount can provide a push for first-time buyers and repeat customers alike but that’s not all popups are capable of. For example, consider using popup to grow your email list or newsletter subscriber count.

According to Campaign Monitor:

  • 61% of companies generate more than 10% of sales from emails
  • 72% of people prefer accepting promotional content via email, compared to 17% who prefer social media.
  • Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.
  • 24% of visitors buy from email marketing, 2.49% of visitors from search engines and 0.59% from social media.
  • eCommerce email campaigns have an ROI of 3800%.
  • For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $44 in ROI.


Because your customer email list is one of the most valuable marketing assets you own, we’ve upgraded our newsletter popup with improved content and design customization to make it easy for you to communicate a relevant and persuasive message.

Remember, pop-ups don’t have to be annoying or invasive or distracting. Always give your visitors a simple way to dismiss a pop-up but make sure it cannot be something a visitor would miss either. How can I do that you ask? Thanks to the new sticky newsletter bubble, you can be sure that even the fastest popup closing maverick has a chance to spot your signup coupon.